Senior Men

The Senior Men are comprised of experienced, driven rowers. They train regularly on and off the water, around their studies, to lock in every ounce of power when the time comes. They compete throughout the year in all the major university Regattas and Heads including Henley Royal Regatta, Head of the River Race and BUCS Regatta.


Senior Women

In the Senior Women squad a motivated ethos is set out from the start. They are experienced rowers with many different rowing backgrounds. Under their captains they train relentlessly to become a powerful, elegant machine. Like the senior men they compete at all the major competitions throughout the year.


Novice Men

The Novice Men’s Squad is aimed at male students at any level of university who want to try out rowing for the first time. Rowing in this squad gives you the building blocks to become a stronger athlete, improving your skills and strengths while forming friendships for life. Many of our driven Novice’s go on to become core members of the Senior Men’s squad.

novi women.jpg

Novice Women

Like the with Novice Men, this squad gives inexperienced students the chance to exceed as an individual and as part of a team. Throughout the year they are taught how to row to a professional standard while gaining knowledge of endurance and weight training. Southampton’s Novice women our known to have very successful seasons.



Although usually the smallest in the boat, their influence can make the difference between winning and losing. The Cox holds a lot of power in the boat and is imperative for the success of our crews, they help coordinate a bunch of meat heads into a well oiled machine. Their role is to coach the rowers, whilst ensuring the safety of the entire crew. They have a mixture of novice coxes, experienced coxes, and rowers-turned-coxes, all of which allow for the smooth running of our club. Experiences are shared between coxes to help develop each individuals skills, furthering the success of all our coxes and crews.